Investors in the yacht-charter industry

Investors in the yacht charter

Why are Investors in the yacht-charter industry coming to Vienna?

The future of the charter industry is fueled by investors and charter management. This is why from 8th to 9th of November all investors who are interested in new investments and ones who know how to profit from the yacht-charter industry will come to the ICE’19, Vienna. 

There is no place on the planet where an investor, private or corporate, can find all the relevant shipyards and nearly all fleet operators in the world. Each of them will be at ICE’19, offering different business models of asset management, i.e. charter investments. Here, investors can find assets and proper management to ensure a safe and productive investment.

How the yacht-charter industry is becoming more interesting for investors?

Out of 100 million tourists who visit the Mediterranean every year, less than 1% are sailing on charter boats. The yacht-charter industry has been growing for 50 years and still does not meet demand. The value of the charter yacht, though depreciating, is held high by the unyielding demand. The steady returns and high re-selling value after 5-7 years generate yields up to 8%!

Investors lounge at International Charter Expo

The Investors lounge at International Charter Expo – ICE’19 is special area for investors where they can get:

• Portfolio of 50+ investment strategies
Personal meetings with fleet managers
• Review of past booking statistics
• Review of all available yacht models
Personal advisors on the spot

Your personal ICE advisor will present a range of investment plans by international fleet operators as well as various yachts in various countries, available in 2020. At your request, personal meetings will be organized with the charter operators and/or yacht suppliers.

It is time to add charter investment to your portfolio.

Contact us to reserve your place at ICE’19 Vienna:, +385 1 3377 978
ICE is accessible by invitation only.

35+ new Fleet Operators


Already 35+ new Fleet Operators registered!

ICE brings the first batch of NEW charter companies for you to meet in person and make some business!

Ask new partners everything you ever wanted to know about the destinations where they operate, about boats they own.. you will immediately get answers to all your questions.

At the top of it all, they will provide you with content and promo materials that is original and straight to the point.

Adria Catamaran – Croatia
Aquanaut – Netherlands
Balearic Yacht Club – Spain
Barcando Charter – Italy
Blue Dream Charter and Service – Italy
Boomerang Sardinia Sailing Charter – Italy
Carloforte Sail Charter – Italy
Chillax Yachting – Greece
Christianna Yachts – Greece
Clipper Stad Amsterdam – Netherlands
Crystal Sea Yachting – Greece
Discovery Yachting – Greece
Euroyacht – Croatia
Exadas Yachts – Greece
Feel Yachting – Croatia Charter – Croatia
Gulet Holiday – Croatia
imbat yacht – Turkey
Iris Yachtcharter – Spain
Magic Sailing Charter – Italy
Mistral Sailing – Italy
Naveda Colombia – Colombia
Navigate Travel – United Kingdom
Olympic Yachting Shipping – Greece
Omegasail – Greece
Phoenix Yachting – Austria
Puresailing Yachting – Greece
Q-Yacht – Croatia
Sail and Experience – Italy
San Blas Sailing – Panama
Stadler Yachting – Croatia
Solis Charter Group – Greece
South Aegean Yachting – Greece
The Catamaran Company – USA
Ximula Sail – Singapore

and many more to come very soon…

Turnover in Billions for Agents

Turnover in Billions for yacht charter

Crewed and luxury yacht rentals have spiked in the last few years, as the world’s rich and corporate clients queue up to enjoy the yacht chartering extravagance. 

The bareboat charter market is booming as well; the number of sailing yachts, motor yachts and cruising catamarans has exploded. 

Yacht rental market is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 6.5% from 2015 to 2020, according to the research carried by Future Market Insights. Furthermore, crewed and bareboat yacht rental market, which was worth €35 Bn in 2014, will be worth € 51 Bn by 2020.

By Future Market Insights, in bareboat charter in 2015 for agents turnover was 400M, and predictions are that turnover for 2019 will be 514M!

ICE is focused on the bareboat segment; including the whole bareboat fleet and parts of the crewed and luxury segment. This bareboat segment is responsible for only a part of the world’s yachting turnover but, at the same moment, it includes about 90% of the yachts and the workforce in this industry.

Because ICE is B2B, companies are not represented by hostesses and hired help, but by owners and upper management. 

This makes it a unique gateway to a new market for any visitor or exhibitor; a large and growing industry ready to be accessed.

turnover agents

Top Greek Charter Island Profiles


Unrivaled natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes and beaches with crystal clear waters? Yes, Greek islands sound like heaven on earth! Sailing in one of the Greek sailing areas make one in a time experience and they are definitely on top of sailing bucket list of any charter clients. To make the most of their experience make sure to get to know popular sailing islands in every detail. Here’s just a tiny bit of everything there is to know:


About: Lefkas aka Lefkada is known for its spectacular scenery and it has one of the most stunning beaches in Greece with white sands and turquoise Ionian sea. It’s one of the few Greek islands which you can drive onto and it has become a mecca for outdoor adventures: sailing, mountain biking, windsurfing, hiking and snorkeling.

Tips on sailing: East side of the Ionian islands with fewer waves and fair wind sailing is suitable for the beginners. The Maistros fair-weather-wind is usual in July and August and it rises in the afternoon and usually dies at sunset. Towards the west of the Ionian islands and south of Kefalonia, winds and sea can be more demanding.

Top 3 things to do:

  1. Visit the Dimossari waterfalls in Nidri
  2. Egremni Beach – one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean
  3. Try paragliding above Lefkada

Charter Meetup fleet operators bases: Bleyachting, White Sails, AF Yachting, Fyly Yachting, Crystal Sea Yachting, Pure Sailing, DYC, Istion Yachting


About: Corfu or Kerkyra is bound up with the history of Greece from the beginnings of Greek mythology. The island is famous for its large amounts of olive trees. There are about 4 thousand. 3% of the worlds olive oil comes from Corfu. It is also an island with a record number of beaches, calculated at about 119. Old Town of Corfu is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Tips on sailing: A favorite destination for mariners, the Diapontia islands north of Corfu are ideal for diving and fishing. Make sure to include the island of Ithaca, home of the hero Odysseus, on your route.

Top 3 things to do:

  1. Visit – Mouse island or Pontikonisi as the locals call it, at the entrance of Gulf of Halikiopoulos, in front of the airport runway, along with the neighboring Vlacherna.
  2. Visit – Canal D’Amour, Sidari
  3. Try Greek food at Ambelonas: Vineyard, Restaurant & Corfu Cooking Class

Charter Meetup fleet operator bases: Summer Sail, Isalos Yachting, Dream Yacht Charter, Istion Yachting


About: Páros, located at the heart of the Cyclades is one of the best-loved holiday destinations in Greece. Historically, it was known for its fine white marble. Breathtaking landscapes, endless sandy beaches with azure blue waters are easy to fall in love with. Moreover, the island has a lot to offer and therefore keeps you entertained all the time.

Tips on sailing: When sailing in the Cyclades make sure to visit one of many beautiful secluded anchorages. Along with all routes, spectacular scenery and ancient archaeological sites are nearly everywhere. In high summer it can be very breezy thus sailing conditions are not suitable for beginners, but rather for experienced sailors. The best time for sailing is from May to June and from September to October.

Top 3 things to do:

  1. Visit Panagia Ekatontapiliani – one of Greece’s most important Byzantine monuments
  2. Visit Golden Beach, considered by many to be one of the best beaches in Greece for water sports
  3. Piso Livadi – the main port to embark on sailing adventures over the Small Cyclades islands or to Antiparos

Charter Meetup fleet operators bases: Vastardis Yachting, A.F. Yachting LTD, Flyly Yachting, Dream Yacht Charter


About: Kos island, located on the southeastern side of the Aegean Sea is one of the most popular destinations in Greece. It is one of the most visited islands of the Dodecanese islands group having both tourist and secluded spots to keep away from crowded places. With tall palm trees, crystal sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes and archaeological sites from ancient times Kos is simply top holiday destination.

Tips on sailing: Breezes in the Dodecanese are often gentle and favorable for sailors. In the summer the prevailing wind is the Meltemi blowing from the NW-W. As this sailing area is close to Turkish national waters, be aware of your coordinates to prevent any unexpected problems.

Top 3 things to do:

  1. Try greek food at restaurant Agios Theologos
  2. See Antimachia Castle at its best, try to get there as the setting sun casts its warm glow over the battlements
  3. Go bird watching – hundreds of flamingoes spend the winter in the balmy Alyki wetlands, near the village of Tigaki, offering a spectacular sight

Charter Meetup fleet operators bases on Kos: Nomicos Yachts, Fyly Yachting, Dream Yacht Charter, Istion Yachting


About: Skiathos, a Greek island in the northwest Aegean Sea, is part of the Sporades archipelago. Famous for the lush greenery, exotic beaches and vivid atmosphere it’s among favorite destinations for youth and also families. The most popular exotic beaches are Koukounaries, Banana, Agia Paraskevi, Kanapitsa and more. From Skiathos island, tourists can make day trips to Skopelos and Alonissos.

Tips on sailing: during the summer months the Meltemi is weaker in the Sporades region. Approaches to the island are straight-forward with no dangers.

Top 3 things to do:

  1. Eat At The Famous Windmill Restaurant
  2. Visit Lalaria Beach
  3. Go Scuba Diving – one of the highlights is Poseidon Cave, with its small red-tinted corals.

Charter Meetup fleet operators: Istion Yachting, Dream Yacht Charter, Pure Sailing, Sea Novels, Fyly Yachting, A.F. Yachting LTD

There is more to Greece than the mainland. To find out everything on sailing the Greek islands visit Charter Meetup Athens 2019 in April. It’s a B2B charter weekend that enables international charter brokers to refresh their Greek charter knowledge and master their bookings in Greece. Firstly, through sailing area presentations made directly from 30 most distinguished Greek fleet operators become an expert on sailing in Greece, meet all of them in person during B2B speed dating and at top of, visit Lavrion, Alimos and Kalamaki marina in an organized tour. Apply for Charter Meetup Athens here.

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