Record-Breaking Registrations for ICE’24!

International Charter Expo, Amsterdam,250 companies


We are thrilled to announce that the first six weeks of registrations for ICE’24 have been extraordinary. With over 250 companies already signed up, this year’s ICE is set to break all previous attendance records, making ICE’24 our most significant and impactful expo yet. Here are some reasons why you should register and take part in this year’s ICE’24:

With more than 250 companies already registered, ICE’24 provides a platform for networking. Here you can find the list of companies that are already registered.

International Charter Expo 2024, Amsterdam

Our matchmaking app allows you to pre-arrange meetings with registered companies in advance. This feature ensures that you maximize your time at the event, focusing on the connections that matter most to your business.

This is your opportunity to network with C-levels and business owners in the yachting industry, whether your goals are to create new partners or present your products or services.Participating in ICE’24 offers significant exposure for your brand. By being part of ICE’24, you position your company in the yachting industry and showcase what you offer.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of International Charter Expo 2024 in Amsterdam. Secure your spot today!

Trends in Yachting Industry in 2024

ICE Industry Trends

Game rooms and sustainability: what trends are facing the yachting industry?

A recent report by Fortune Business Insights stated that the global luxury yacht market size is projected to grow to $8.75 billion by the end of 2024. Half of the year has passed by and we see some new trends reaching their full potential. Whether it is eco-friendly solutions or new tech designs, the yacht industry has been booming since January.

Some of these trends are going to be presented in Amsterdam at the International Charter Expo. Each year ICE hosts a larger number of representatives from various fields of the yachting industry. So let’s take a look at some trends that the industry is facing and what can be expected from this year’s expo.


Despite the interior design trends fluctuating between seasons, specialists have found a way to integrate design trends into cabins so that they remain fashionable and classic for many years to come. A new trend that emerged is ‘auxiliary’ cabins like showcasing collectible dishes in a china pantry near the kitchen or dining area, according to an article by Boat International. Entertainment rooms are becoming increasingly popular considering the resurgence of game rooms. It is also predicted that this year we will see a rise in the popularity of private and open-plan deck layouts, which we can see on many of the yachts represented at ICE’24.


We have to talk about sustainability. The topic that gained its popularity in the last few years, has finally reached a level where industry is taking action. Shipyards and manufacturers are trying to find sustainable solutions to limit the impact on the environment. But they are not the only ones making changes, Yacht crews are trying to contribute to the conservation of marine ecosystems by adopting non-toxic cleaning solutions. 

Smart technology advancement has transformed yacht operations by providing real-time monitoring and management of all the systems. The usage of artificial intelligence came into the yachting industry, one of the new things we noticed lately is integrating AI for improved efficiency.

The industry is trying to minimize the usage of diesel-fueled engines and shifting towards using materials that focus on the circular economy. This is where ICE steps in. Sustainable event planning is our way of taking responsibility and minimizing our carbon footprint. For ICE24’ in Amsterdam, we decided to make environmentally conscious changes to fulfill our sustainability strategy.