Information for charter Brokers, Travel/CHarter agencies, TOUR OPERATORS, SAILING SCHOOLS AND CLUBS.


Broker is a company that mediates charter but does not own or manage charter yachts. It also does not offer any goods or services to the charter industry.

Who are Brokers?

As a Broker you can participate at ICE only as visitor and not as exhibitor. In order for you to be able to participate as Charter Broker you will need to purchase Visitor Pass for Brokers.

A Visitor Pass for Brokers can be purchased only by a charter broker, travel/charter agency, tour operator or sailing school/club. It cannot be purchased by companies who offer other companies agency commission.


  • Introduce yourself to over 200 Fleet Operators from all over the world.
  • Meet more than 80 Suppliers (including Shipyards & Booking Systems).
  • Expand your network connections and market by meeting new business partners.
  • Consolidate your business relationships with already well-known business partners by meeting them in person.
  • Save time! Pre-arrange 45 meetings per account during the expo via Handshake matchmaking software.
  • Listen to some of the best speakers talking about new trends in the yacht-charter industry.

See all the Fleet Operators and Suppliers coming to ICE'20


"ICE is for us the most expected event in the yacht charter industry. Meeting regularly with our partners is the best way to improve our collaboration. Thanks to ICE, we get the chance to meet most of our partners in the same place, but it’s also the perfect occasion to develop some new partnerships."
GlobeSailor, France
"The ICE 2019 in Vienna was a great opportunity for us to meet many partners (new and old one) and to renew cooperation. The location here in Vienna was fantastic and for us as a local charter agency from Vienna a great possibility to show partners around in the city. The ICE is definitely worth visiting and we appreciate the great work you did till now!"
123 Yachtcharter, Austria
"For me, ICE is important for social contacts. And yes, I met a lot of new charter companies, so that's good for making new business. I notice that I feel more and more at home in the charter world. The Vienna location is perfect. also the halls. Nicely dressed. Good coffee / tea. Really don't know the amount of visitors last time. There are so many agencies. How do we get them as enthusiastic as myself 🙂 Looking forward to the next ICE. It is the best trade show for us."
Lu de Boer
Sail Events, The Netherlands
"Your events are very useful. As I have been in the industry quite recently ICE helps me a lot in terms of contact and know how. I learned a lot about the boat rental business here, I met a lot of great people. I also found new suppliers and business ideas. ICE is a great opportunity to meet the people whom we send our customers, better understand their attitudes, business and values. Here, we could always agree on a better contract, price or conditions. It helps me a lot to grow in my market, my business concept is to know what I'm selling and be able to recommend and advise expertly to my clients."
Travel Boat, Lithuania
"Great opportunity to get acquainted with the representatives of charter companies in person as it really makes further interaction more effective; to understand the work of fleet operators from inside; to know better new companies; to promote our agency brand. Also, some small companies which maybe are not advertised or promoted well, still can provide good service for our clients at reasonable prices. Any fleet operator's presence is a certain guarantee for me that I can work with them and we can make quality charters together."
Fairy Sail, United Kingdom
"At ICE we meet business partners and talk about new yachts and bigger commission for us.😉 It is easier to negotiate outboard engine free of charge or an extra 5% discount for the returning client. Sometimes ICE gives surprises like opportunity to discover new destinations! Once I was running from one meeting to the other when I suddenly spotted posters of a new company in Thailand, that I didn't know. After a short conversation I have been completely enchanted by Koh Chang area and soon I was able to convince my clients for charters. Next week we start 4 catamarans flotilla with a professional filming group in order to encourage more clients. We plan to start a new web page dedicated only for. Open your eyes at ICE and expand the offer of your company."
Tortuga Sailing from Poland and Island Spirit from Koh Chang

Visitor Pass for Brokers

The Brokers Visitor Pass

60 €*

Visitor Pass is valid for up to 2 persons 
(Every person gets one Handshake account)

Extra costs:

Participation fee per representative: 23 €* 

  • coffee, tea, water and snacks (Lounge 1 and Lounge 2)
  • live music in networking areas (Lounge 1 and Lounge 2)
  • free wine (during the expo days, after 17:00)
  • food and drinks on Thursday evening


*VAT not included

The Brokers Visitor Pass information:

  • Valid for 3 days of B2B meetings in Marx Halle
  • Valid for 5 days of Handshake matchmaking software. With Handshake you can arrange meetings at Marx Halle (during the expo working hours) or have City Meetings (in Vienna venues).

By holding a Visitor Pass, Brokers can meet with:

  • Shipyards and Suppliers (more than 80)
  • Fleet Operators (more than 180)
  • Other Broker agents and tour operators (more than 200)

During the working hours of the expo in Marx Halle, visitors can arrange meetings in 2 of our large B2B lounges, as well as the exhibitor’s booths.


Official registrations for ICE’20 open on 01/04/2020


Don’t know where to stay while in Vienna?

Check out our recommendations:

Handshake business event matchmaking software


Business event matchmaking software

  • With Handshake, you can easily arrange your meetings at ICE'20.
  • All the key contacts from the yacht-charter industry are available!
  • On ICE'19, more than 7.000 business meetings were arranged through Handshake.
  • Easy to use and intuitive.
  • Choose with whom you want to connect and communicate.

ICE Certificate for Brokers

  •  Do you invest time and money to meet your partners?
  • Do you travel to check out charter bases and your partners’ fleets?
We recognize and value your efforts.

ICE team always awards companies that are expanding their business network. The recognition aword in the form of the ICE Certificate is one way of showing your clients that you are one of the brokers with the highest business expertise and industry knowledge.

Earn your certificate and show it to your cliants!

  Certificate of Expertise  

This is awarded to agents who have:

  • Accomplished at least 20 meetings during ICE
  • Participant at ICE Conference Day
  • Participant at Charter Meetup 2021 in Athens

Certificate of Networking

This is awarded to agents who have:

  • Accomplished at least 20 meetings during ICE
  • Participant at ICE Conference Day
  • Participant at Charter Meetup 2021 in Athens


For ICE event, charter brokers can register for a unique broker package which includes: expo passes for two representatives (participation fee not included but is obligatory part for each representative), matchmaking software accounts for two representatives, voucher for discount of 29EUR per night (for one room for three nights on specific dates) for accommodation in hotel roomz Vienna Gasometer.

Accommodation orders are separated from the expo registration and must be booked by participant directly via unique link on ICE official website.

Accommodation discount will be approved after verification of submitted registration by the organizer.

Broker pass can be approved to companies/agencies which do not own/manage any vessel but work as charter brokers exclusively. A charter broker who registers for ICE, needs to have an operational website where the end client is able to browse yachts, destinations, etc.

Companies who are fleet owners and run an agency, can only apply for a business pass as a visitor or exhibitor as a Fleet Operator.

Yes, you can make additional orders once the registration form via MyICE is submitted. Participants will get their registration link where they can find their order details. For every separate order, ICE team will issue a proforma invoice; total order amount needs to be paid before the event.

After the official registrations are closed, participants will not be able to register Via MyICE. Registrations will be closed on 31st of October, and all participants are required to complete their registrations by that date.