Matchmaking software – Handshake

At boat shows, people often want to meet specific individuals or companies, but those potential partners are often busy with other appointments. As a result, attendees often spend their time waiting or aimlessly exploring the show, simply wasting their time until they can potentially meet with the individuals they want to connect with.

It’s common for the meetings we want to not happen because of time or disorganization.It is precisely because of such situations that we have ensured ICE to be highly effective for everyone. We aim for all to be maximally productive during these three days.

When it comes to ICE, we took that really seriously and created a solution because we know how disappointing it can be. We want all our attendees to have the most productive 3 days.

Unlike most boat shows, ICE provides a sophisticated matchmaking software that helps attendees connect with each other. Browse through other participating companies, check out representative profiles  and pre-arrange B2B meetings to optimize time. This can save hours of aimless wandering and waiting like at other boat shows. ICE is well-known for its efficient approach to conducting meetings.


At least one matchmaking software per company is mandatory. One account is only 40€ which is an amount worth investing in. Meetings are 30 minutes which allows up to 17 meetings per day. In total one representative can have 54 meetings. We recommend more than one matchmaking software account per company to have more meetings since the number of representatives this year is the biggest so far!

Last year there were over 12,000 meetings and there were many great deals made.

“Handshake really helped us organize everything in advance and make the best out of our time at ICE. The time slots of 30min were enough to allow us to present our services and listen to other exhibitors to potentially create new partnerships.”
– Nausys, Croatia

If you haven’t already, make sure to register for ICE and purchase accounts for the majority of your team. Handshake is available.

ICE team at the Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show

September was reserved for visits to the largest and most exclusive boat shows, Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show. After the impressions from these two extraordinary boat shows settled, it’s time for our overall impression.

Cannes Yachting Festival

First on the list was Cannes, and the ICE team went to explore Port Canto, Port Vieux and invited many new companies to ICE. All exhibitors in Port Canto and a significant number of exhibitors in the Vieux Port got their sample of our exclusive Icebreaker magazine.

During the two and a half days we spent in Cannes, we managed to have over 40 meetings, made much easier by the excellent organization of the boat show, which allowed us to easily connect with other exhibitors and visitors.

Our main focus was on the Crewed & Luxury sector, so we spent most of our time in the Brokerage Section of the show. For every Crewed & Luxury exhibitor who met with us, we prepared special invitations to ICE to enhance our expo with their presence.

In addition to meeting new exhibitors, we also took the time to socialize with our long-standing exhibitors and partners.

What particularly impressed us at the Cannes Yachting Festival was the hospitality of the exhibitors and the exclusivity of the yachts we had the opportunity to witness. It was certainly a special boat show that will remain in our memory, and we look forward to returning to it.


Monaco Yacht Show

After Cannes, the Monaco Yacht Show is next. Unlike Cannes, only our CEO Tino attended Monaco.

Tino had pre-arranged meetings with various top international crewed companies and prepared an exclusive VIP invitation to ICE for our exclusive Crewed & Luxury sector. Primary focus was to showcase the exciting new Crewed & Luxury sector at ICE, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. During the show, Tino engaged in numerous productive meetings and networking opportunities with industry representatives. 

“The Monaco Yacht Show was a spectacular event. It was well organised and perfectly executed. The variety of yachts and yacht-related hardware was impressive. The layout was visitor-friendly and the connections via shuttle worked very well. It’s worth the trip and a must-go for all yachting professionals.” 
– Tino Prosenik, CEO

The level of interest and engagement at the Monaco Yacht Show by companies such as Bluewater, Burgess, Denison, Edmiston, Cecil Wright, Fraser, IYC, Northrop & Johnson, Ocean Independence, Peter Insull’s, Y.CO has set a high bar for ICE, and we are confident that this year’s ICE will be bigger and more exclusive than ever before.

The super yachts left the biggest impression due to their grace and exclusivity. The Baglietto T52 model, 52m in length, stood out for its sustainability combined with exclusivity, creating a whole new dimension in the yachting industry. The 80m Leona from the Bilgin 263 series was particularly striking with its design and unique color. We were delighted to see the Virtuosity yacht, which belongs to the SanLorenzo 57 Steel series, showcased by our premium exhibitor,  SanLorenzo.

Inspired by these boat shows and their exclusivity, we returned to Zagreb more motivated than ever to create the best ICE event yet. We will be happy to come again next year.

Extra Offers at International Charter Expo

ICE Extras are additional benefits and opportunities that enhance the efficiency of this B2B Expo. They help create a comfortable working atmosphere while presenting exhibitors and potential partners in the best possible way. ICE’s goal is not only to create new business opportunities, but to connect people and to establish long-lasting relationships.

We arrange everything – turn key booths

ICE is the only show which makes turn-key booths for all exhibitors. If you purchase graphics through ICE organizers, you don’t need to worry about their printing and setup. If you also order furniture, ICE organizers bring them and they will already be waiting for you too.


Graphics visually represent your company and help potential partners locate you easily. Through graphics, you showcase the highlights of what you offer and what sets you apart from others, ensuring a more attractive booth appearance. Did you know that all graphics designs are printed on DISPA boards which are then recycled after the expo?


Icebreaker magazine is an exclusive B2B magazine intended for the yacht charter industry where you can advertise your products and services. It is distributed to all companies at ICE, and at international yacht shows such as the Monaco Yacht Show and Cannes Yachting Festival. The number of advertising spots is limited, so don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to advertise to all yacht charter businesses. If you are interested contact us on

Matchmaking software

ICE is well-known for its efficient approach to conducting meetings. Meetings are 30 minutes which allows up to 17 meetings per day. The matchmaking software enables pre-scheduled meetings at specific times with desired decision makers. In total one representative can have 54 meetings. We recommend more than one matchmaking software account per company to have many more meetings since the number of representatives this year is the biggest so far!


In order to facilitate the most functional and comfortable meetings at your booth, we provide furniture such as tables, chairs, sofas, TVs, decorative plants etc. Don’t stress about bringing your own, we have got you covered.

Ice Rocks Party

Just like in previous years, this year the exclusive Ice Rocks Party will take place on the first night. The Ice Rocks Party presents an excellent opportunity to connect with businesses in a more relaxed setting – engage in meaningful conversations, forge valuable relationships, and unwind after the day’s events. This year the party will be exclusive with a limited number of spots – so once we announce it, don’t wait too long to purchase your tickets.

The advantages of staying at Hilton Hotels

When it comes to choosing the perfect accommodation for your visit to the International Charter Expo in Zagreb, Hilton Hotels are an exceptional choice. Booking your accommodation at Hilton Hotels in Zagreb through the dedicated links on the ICE website not only guarantees preferential prices but also unlocks a lot of benefits.

What are some of the benefits of staying at our recommended hotels? 

Exclusive Offer
We’ve arranged an exclusive offer to ensure you get the most out of your accommodation budget. Hilton hotels are known for their exclusivity and comfort. Make your reservations right away for a memorable experience that will make your stay pleasant. Keep in mind – ROOMS ARE LIMITED. 

We want to make sure you get the most out of ICE and be productive. That’s why it’s a great idea to stay in the same hotel as other expo attendees. One of the significant advantages is the opportunity to network with other participants. Eating breakfast together or driving to the expo is a great way to have insightful conversations, share ideas, and build valuable professional relationships. These interactions can prove to be very beneficial, leading to potential collaborations and partnerships.

Key differences between Hilton Hotels
All are amazing hotels and you cannot go wrong with either hotel, however in a quick glace, these are the main differences to help you choose:

Canopy – Closest to the city center 

Double Tree – Has a spa and a pool

Garden Inn – Best prices

Advent in Zagreb
Visiting Zagreb during the Advent season is a great opportunity to explore the city and experience the magical atmosphere of Zagreb during this time of year. Zagreb becomes a magical destination during the Advent season, adorned with beautiful Christmas decorations that captivate visitors. It has warm and enchanting Christmas markets with concerts, food and drinks, that invites everyone to immerse themselves in its joyous atmosphere. It is an unforgettable experience for all who visit Zagreb.

Please note that there are limited hotel rooms available for ICE participants, so please reserve your room early to ensure a comfortable stay. 

We look forward to seeing you at ICE!

Benefits of attending ICE’23

Is there such a thing as too many benefits?

The International Charter Expo as the largest B2B Yacht Charter Expo offers endless networking opportunities for Brokers and Agencies, Central Agents, Yacht owners, Fleet Operators and Suppliers. 

Yes, we’ve said it many times already and we cannot emphasize it enough – with many new companies on the market, it is very important to network and meet new business partners in an efficient way. 

Have you noticed that yachts still have many gaps this season, discounts are increasing and it is harder to find new clients to charter the available yachts?

Keep on reading and check out the key advantages of why your business should be coming to Zagreb this December. ICE can help solve your problems. 


ICE brings together 1500+ industry professionals from 50+ countries in one place. This facilitates networking opportunities, fostering collaboration, and building valuable business relationships. All company decision makers come to ICE – so should you. Meet the agents you need to increase your bookings and fill in the gaps.

B2B Meetings

Unlike no other yacht charter show, meetings at ICE are pre-arranged using a custom made matchmaking software – Handshake. Check out representative profiles before arranging meetings and make your time at ICE efficient. Did you know that you can have 17 arranged meetings per day per person. Each meeting is half an hour which is more than enough for a detailed but quick meeting.

Market Research & Trends

Get an overview of the current market trends, consumer preferences, and emerging technologies in the yachting industry. Assess the market demand for specific products/services and gather feedback directly from your business partners. Find solutions to the problems you might have. 

Media Coverage

ICE attracts significant media attention (local and international): journalists, bloggers, influencers, and industry-specific publications. Exhibitors have an opportunity to gain media exposure, have their yachts and products featured in news articles, interviews, and reviews, which enhances brand visibility. All visibility is good visibility. 

Fun & Relaxed

ICE is not just business-oriented – it is VERY well known for organizing the best ICE ROCKS parties. Parties at B2B expos provide a platform for networking in a relaxed setting. Many business partnerships and deals have arrisen from having a glass of wine with people who you have never met before. 

It’s the most wonderful time of  year

Business should not be the only reason for visiting Zagreb. Advent season is a wonderful time to visit the city and enjoy the best Christmas markets. Live concerts, Christmas lights, gastronomy, and other attractions will for sure make it worthy of coming. 

This list can go on and on… 

ICE is actually no other than a platform for the yacht charter industry where businesses connect, represent yachts to agents, make new business deals, sell yachts and other interesting supplies, gather market insights, and explore new business opportunities. 

Be a part of ICE’23 in Zagreb and feel the #ICEperience. Season 2024 and 2025 should be the focus for your business, and ICE is here to help you grow.

5 key points – ICE is not just another boat show

ICE'23 - boat show differences

If you’re looking for an effective way to connect with the global yacht charter industry, we have your back. Boat shows are not the only option. In fact, ICE (International Charter Expo) offers many significant advantages. Have a read at the 5 key points why ICE is not just another boat show, but a must-attend trade show for the yacht charter industry.

Matchmaking Software

Unlike most boat shows, ICE provides a sophisticated matchmaking software that helps attendees connect with each other. Browse through other participating companies and representatives, check out their profiles, pre-arrange B2B meetings, and optimize time and opportunities. This can save hours of aimless wandering and waiting like at other boat shows.

Complementary Approach

ICE and boat shows are not mutually exclusive. They are complementary. While most boat shows focus on in-water displays of yachts, ICE focuses on bringing together over 550 companies and their representatives in one place. Meet decision-makers, booking managers, and central agents, as opposed to boat shows, where you meet yacht agents and yacht crew. 


ICE is open from 9 am to 6 pm, which allows you to plan your own time and take a break for lunch without closing the entire expo as it is at other boat shows – lunch break). This flexible and efficient schedule ensures that you can maximize your time and minimize your stress during the event.


With over 550 companies from more than 50 countries attending ICE, you can expect a diverse and rich mix of participants. Connect with international small and big businesses and different types of yachts and services. Whether you’re looking for bareboat or crewed & luxury yachts, you’re sure to find them at ICE.

Connections that Matter

ICE’s main focus is on connecting people and businesses that matter. More and more bareboat brokers nowadays want to meet and connect with crewed and luxury companies, and vice versa. Easily connect with both types of companies and build relationships that can last for years. It’s not just about buying and selling, but about building trust and collaboration.

In summary, ICE is not just another boat show, but a trade show that offers unique and valuable benefits to its attendees. By attending ICE, you can leverage its matchmaking software, complementary approach, convenient schedule, wide scope of participants, and connections that matter. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this dynamic and essential event for the yacht charter industry. 
Register now and see you at ICE this December.

ICE achieves impressive bookings: Limited availability for bareboat yacht-charters

Excitement is building as the International Charter Expo (ICE) prepares for its upcoming edition. This B2B event in the yachting industry has already reached a significant milestone, with 85% of the expo’s capacity booked one year in advance. Additionally, if you’re considering exhibiting your yacht-charter services, time is of the essence, as the ground-floor booths are nearly fully booked. Read on to discover why ICE continues to be the go-to place for relevant professionals in the yachting industry.

Pre-bookings for ICE’23 break the records

Yacht-charter professionals and industry leaders have eagerly secured their spots at this prestigious expo. With 85% of the expo’s capacity for bareboat yacht-charter companies already booked, it’s clear that ICE remains the ultimate place to network and meet new business partners.

For those specializing in crewed yacht-charters, the urgency to secure a booth is also predominant. These highly sought spaces at the area designated for Crewed & Luxury companies are quickly being booked, highlighting the immense interest and demand for crewed yacht-charter services. Exhibiting at Crewed & Luxury area provides an unparalleled visibility and the opportunity to connect with potential business partners.

Return rate indicating success

That said, ICE statistics show that 78% of participants at the expo are returnees. Many things can indicate how successful an event was, and one of them is return rate. It tells us that participants consider ICE to be very efficient for their business. How come ICE has a high return rate? Networking. ICE brings together a diverse range of yacht-charter professionals, fleet operators, brokers, central agents, suppliers and other industry professionals from all over the world. It’s a unique chance to expand your network, establish valuable partnerships, and connect with industry peers.

ICE has already achieved an impressive booking rate of 85% for the expo reflecting the immense interest and anticipation surrounding the event. As the first-floor exhibiting booths for bareboat yacht-charters approach sell-out, it’s clear that ICE continues to be a leading gathering for yacht-charter professionals worldwide. Act swiftly to secure your place and make the most of the exceptional networking opportunities and industry exposure that ICE offers.

8 Billion Euro Industry is Getting Together in Croatia: Hundreds of Super-Yachts to be Presented in Zagreb


The exclusive yacht charter B2B trade show ICE (International Charter Expo) is reaching new records in this year’s edition, where hundreds of prestigious crewed yachts from all over the world will be represented at the Zagreb Fairgrounds. From December 6th to 8th 2023, Zagreb will become the united place of the elite yacht charter industry, valued at 8 billion euros.


Executive directors of yacht charter companies, central agents of crewed luxury yachts, most relevant brokers and agencies, as well as suppliers will have the opportunity to network with new business partners and exchange ideas. Meetings are scheduled in advance through proprietary matchmaking software, which increases the efficiency of a highly attended expo like ICE.


The most attractive part of the expo is the growing Crewed & Luxury sector, where 800 prestigious yacht models worth over 1 trillion euros in seasonal rentals will be presented this year. In addition, fleet managers will have the opportunity to present their investment programs to investors at the Investors Lounge, with the aim of expanding their fleets through new business collaborations.

– I cannot emphasize enough how important ICE has become to the yacht charter world. ICE gathers 1500+ decision makers from 550+ companies, all focused on networking and building new business relationships. ICE is everyone’s gateway to the yacht charter industry, crewed and bareboat, and we invite all to register and join this truly unique trade show – said Antonija Hajman, the head of ICE organization team.


The growing interest of charter companies in networking with business partners, as well as the growth of ICE itself, is evidenced by the fact that the Yachtmaster Group has made the largest number of group reservations at Hilton hotels in Zagreb. In addition to the traditionally full DoubleTree by Hilton Zagreb and Hilton Garden Inn, this year visitors to the expo will also be booked at the Canopy Hotel by Hilton. This way, nothing is left to the care of the expo participants, so they can focus on achieving their business goals at the fair.

For the eighth year in a row, visitors to this exclusive three-day event put their trust in the hands of the Yachtmaster Group, which ensures high organizational standards. Applications for ICE are open from April 12, 2023, with a time-limited early-bird discount, and more information can be found on the official website and social media.

We look forward to seeing you at ICE!

The most influential “meeting point” of the nautical industry came back!

International Charter Expo (ICE’22) – largest and most influential B2B expo of the nautical industry took place from 7 – 9 of December 2022 at the Zagreb Fairgrounds. During these three days, 1524 participants from 521 companies participated from all over the world (Croatia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, Thailand, Norway, France etc). Participants were as always separated in the three sectors: Fleet Operators, Brokers and Suppliers. Fleet Operators and suppliers came either as visitors or they had their own exhibiting booths. Brokers were only able to participate as visitors. Full list of participants is available here.

Exhibiting booths were dressed with DISPA – eco-friendly paper boards that ICE has been using for many years. DISPA boards allow the expo hall to look very attractive and uniformed. Apart from the booths, there were two lounge areas where participants could also arrange their meetings, along with a FULL open bar and the restaurant for lunch.

The total number of companies that participated for the first time at ICE was 151, which is the highest number of first-timers ever!

“I was first time on ICE. It was for my company and me so helpful, and everything was so well organized, meetings, booths, lounge corners, lunch..
I will 100 % come back next year and hope to have my own booth because I think that is the best way to have time to speak with all partners and meet your “old” partners and make new ones 🙂
So, from me and my company you have a big rating.”
– Andrea Šabić, Plan your journey

After 2 years of Covid and this being the first in-person event since, everyone was very excited to meet up. Using the custom-made matchmaking software Handshake, 10 836 meetings were pre-arranged, and even more unplanned meetings were held in person!

“I want to be among the first ones that will tell you how ICE became the best event for us!
We had over 40 successful meetings, sometimes even 2 together. We got ourselves the confirmation of implementation for over 2000 boats. We have 100% realization, which is absolutely incredible. Focus at ICE is completely business oriented.”
– Tom Logar, CEO Charter Manager App

Arranging meetings in advance is one of the best qualities that ICE as an event offers and the majority of the participants take advantage of it.

For the first time, the Crewed & Luxury sector was introduced at ICE’22. More info here. This novelty opened up the doors to a new niche of agents and fleet operators, 200+ super yachts from all around the world that are 15m – 50m in length with charter week prices from 20,000€ – 100,000€, to represent their businesses at ICE’22. The Crewed & Luxury sector became the first expo of that kind in the global charter industry. Some of the companies that exhibited this year as part of Crewed & Luxury were: Master Charter, Sanlorenzo Adria, Touch Adriatic, Otium Yachts, Feel Yachting, Signature Sailing Charter, Athenian Yachts, Sanda Yachting, FYLY Exlcusive Yachts, and others.

“It was a great pleasure to visit ICE’22 as after all the difficulties of 2020 the event finally took place offline. It was my 4th visiting ICE as a broker and I would like to mention that the event becomes better and better with the years. For sure it was a smart and strategic decision to add LUX sector this year. A lot of brokers just like me after mastering bareboat charters start doing crewed ones. So, it was nice opportunity to have new acquaintances and business contacts. And of course it was so warm and cozy to meet old friends. Thanks a lot for organization!”
Julia Slivina, Classy Yachting

Fact that ICE always has been an event that participants want to come back to, was also confirmed this year because 95% of participants in the survey answered that they will come back to ICE’23.

“We admire the great job the ICE team is doing every year! Location was close to the city center, the organization was good, and Zagreb was magical. We had fruitful meetings with old and new partners, we had the chance to meet suppliers with eco-friendly solutions, and we were able to communicate with agents and other fleet operators up close after the Covid time. Keep up the good work 🙂 (we are already looking forward to ICE 23!)”
– Discovery yachting

“ICE’22 was truly an event to remember. With the large number of new companies which came to ICE for the first time and many of our repeating business clients, ICE became the most important business meeting point for our industry. I am very happy that my team and I organized this event for everyone and with the support of all, we know that future ICE events will be even more productive.” – Antonija Hajman, ICE Project manager

Thanks to all ICE’22 participants! We hope you had a great time and to see you next year!
Enjoy Holidays with your family and friends and we wish you a lot of health, happiness and business success for the next year! 🙂

ICE Team

PS: As all booth graphics are made from DISPA – eco-friendly paper boards for screen and digital printing. They are made of FSC® – certified paper and are 100% recyclable. 95% of all ICE’22 graphics are already recycled and 5% of them are reused. All 9000 m2 of carpet will be reused in a small city near Zagreb called Lekenik. All plastic collected from the expo went to recycling.


ICE is working in close collaboration with Charter Itinerary and would like to introduce them to the participants of ICE’22. 

Charter Itinerary is changing the world of yacht itinerary creation with its easy-to-navigate, fully interactive web-based platform. It is designed specifically with the yachting industry in mind, and with over 800 accounts, it has revolutionized how industry professionals plan, produce and present itineraries to charter guests.

Why did you decide to exhibit at ICE (digital and Zagreb)?

Our introduction to ICE was at last year’s online event in April which was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our platform, just prior to it being publicly released, during a time when yacht shows and events were either canceled and travel was very difficult for most. Not only did it introduce us to brokers from all over the world, using the fantastically efficient Handshake software, but it gave us great insight into the bareboat market as a whole, confirming to us that our platform was suited to both the superyacht and bareboat markets alike and that we could further develop it to the needs of both industries.

How did your participation at last ICE help CI grow?

We participated in the event knowing that not only were we introducing something new and exciting to the industry, but also knowing that we would get valuable feedback from the brokers we spoke with. We count most of those who we met with at ICE, as valuable customers now.

Can you please give us an example(s) of how your meetings at ICE benefited your product/service? Since you are a company with a platform designed for the superyacht industry, did meetings with the bareboat industry businesses help you create something designed for them?

Yes indeed. We had intentions of creating a platform to benefit both markets, and ICE confirmed our research that there was the need for itineraries for the bareboat industry too, albeit to be used in a different way to the large yacht industry. With the valuable feedback we received, it helped develop what we now call “Light Itineraries” along with options to include API feeds, embedding links and much more .

What do you expect from your meetings at ICE’22? What are you looking for and who do you want to meet?

Given the success born out of the online event, we couldn’t wait for the opportunity for an onsite event. Meeting, and showing off our platform, in person during a time where the industry is experiencing such rapid growth is a thrill.  We look forward to this as an opportunity to finally meet with some of our current customers, and to meet with future customers – all agencies, fleet operators, captains, brokers and potential partners.

3 top reasons you would tell someone to join ICE?

  • It’s a fantastic gateway to a massive charter market and this year features the luxury and crewed area, perfect for both bareboat and crewed charters to come together to discover more about each other’s markets
  • An efficient way to network with important industry players
  • It is extremely efficient and well organized