Matchmaking software – Handshake

At boat shows, people often want to meet specific individuals or companies, but those potential partners are often busy with other appointments. As a result, attendees often spend their time waiting or aimlessly exploring the show, simply wasting their time until they can potentially meet with the individuals they want to connect with.

It’s common for the meetings we want to not happen because of time or disorganization.It is precisely because of such situations that we have ensured ICE to be highly effective for everyone. We aim for all to be maximally productive during these three days.

When it comes to ICE, we took that really seriously and created a solution because we know how disappointing it can be. We want all our attendees to have the most productive 3 days.

Unlike most boat shows, ICE provides a sophisticated matchmaking software that helps attendees connect with each other. Browse through other participating companies, check out representative profiles  and pre-arrange B2B meetings to optimize time. This can save hours of aimless wandering and waiting like at other boat shows. ICE is well-known for its efficient approach to conducting meetings.


At least one matchmaking software per company is mandatory. One account is only 40€ which is an amount worth investing in. Meetings are 30 minutes which allows up to 17 meetings per day. In total one representative can have 54 meetings. We recommend more than one matchmaking software account per company to have more meetings since the number of representatives this year is the biggest so far!

Last year there were over 12,000 meetings and there were many great deals made.

“Handshake really helped us organize everything in advance and make the best out of our time at ICE. The time slots of 30min were enough to allow us to present our services and listen to other exhibitors to potentially create new partnerships.”
– Nausys, Croatia

If you haven’t already, make sure to register for ICE and purchase accounts for the majority of your team. Handshake is available.

ICE team at the Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show

September was reserved for visits to the largest and most exclusive boat shows, Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show. After the impressions from these two extraordinary boat shows settled, it’s time for our overall impression.

Cannes Yachting Festival

First on the list was Cannes, and the ICE team went to explore Port Canto, Port Vieux and invited many new companies to ICE. All exhibitors in Port Canto and a significant number of exhibitors in the Vieux Port got their sample of our exclusive Icebreaker magazine.

During the two and a half days we spent in Cannes, we managed to have over 40 meetings, made much easier by the excellent organization of the boat show, which allowed us to easily connect with other exhibitors and visitors.

Our main focus was on the Crewed & Luxury sector, so we spent most of our time in the Brokerage Section of the show. For every Crewed & Luxury exhibitor who met with us, we prepared special invitations to ICE to enhance our expo with their presence.

In addition to meeting new exhibitors, we also took the time to socialize with our long-standing exhibitors and partners.

What particularly impressed us at the Cannes Yachting Festival was the hospitality of the exhibitors and the exclusivity of the yachts we had the opportunity to witness. It was certainly a special boat show that will remain in our memory, and we look forward to returning to it.


Monaco Yacht Show

After Cannes, the Monaco Yacht Show is next. Unlike Cannes, only our CEO Tino attended Monaco.

Tino had pre-arranged meetings with various top international crewed companies and prepared an exclusive VIP invitation to ICE for our exclusive Crewed & Luxury sector. Primary focus was to showcase the exciting new Crewed & Luxury sector at ICE, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. During the show, Tino engaged in numerous productive meetings and networking opportunities with industry representatives. 

“The Monaco Yacht Show was a spectacular event. It was well organised and perfectly executed. The variety of yachts and yacht-related hardware was impressive. The layout was visitor-friendly and the connections via shuttle worked very well. It’s worth the trip and a must-go for all yachting professionals.” 
– Tino Prosenik, CEO

The level of interest and engagement at the Monaco Yacht Show by companies such as Bluewater, Burgess, Denison, Edmiston, Cecil Wright, Fraser, IYC, Northrop & Johnson, Ocean Independence, Peter Insull’s, Y.CO has set a high bar for ICE, and we are confident that this year’s ICE will be bigger and more exclusive than ever before.

The super yachts left the biggest impression due to their grace and exclusivity. The Baglietto T52 model, 52m in length, stood out for its sustainability combined with exclusivity, creating a whole new dimension in the yachting industry. The 80m Leona from the Bilgin 263 series was particularly striking with its design and unique color. We were delighted to see the Virtuosity yacht, which belongs to the SanLorenzo 57 Steel series, showcased by our premium exhibitor,  SanLorenzo.

Inspired by these boat shows and their exclusivity, we returned to Zagreb more motivated than ever to create the best ICE event yet. We will be happy to come again next year.