How to Boost Your Bookings Next Season Without Heavy Discounts?

As the peak season hits, many charter companies face fewer bookings than expected. Offering last-minute, deep discounts might be tempting, but is it the best approach? While it can fill schedules quickly, it can harm the industry long-term. Read more about how to attract more clients without cutting prices.

The Downside of Deep Discounts

Offering discounts, especially on bareboat charters, can devalue the service and set a precedent for future seasons. 

Customers may expect lower prices in the future, making them less willing to pay full price. This affects your profits and creates a market expectation for cheap deals.

ICE in Amsterdam - Charter Novak Croatia

Instead of focusing on discounts, here are some effective strategies to boost your bookings:

Expand Your Network of Brokers and Central Agents:

Connecting with new brokers can open up a lot of opportunities. They have extensive networks and can bring in clients who might not have otherwise found your services. Attending industry events is a great way to meet potential partners.

Visit International Charter Expo

The International Charter Expo (ICE) is known as the largest and most effective trade show in the industry. Why is that? ICE offers the ability to schedule meetings in advance using our custom-made matchmaking software. This software allows you to find companies and arrange meetings up to a month before the event. You can have up to 51 meetings in 3 days.

Many brokers and central agents attend ICE, continuously seeking new charters for their clients. This opens many opportunities for the upcoming season to have boats booked with minimal discounts.

Explore New Destinations

Expanding your offerings to new and exciting destinations can attract a different clientele. Every year, an increasing number of brokers and central agents attend ICE to discover new charters and destinations to offer their clients.

By focusing on expanding your network, visiting industry events like ICE and exploring new destinations, you can attract more clients and ensure long-term success. Embrace these strategies to fill your bookings and make new season your best one yet.