Let’s grow into a better future!

Did you know that the yacht charter industry is one of the fastest-growing tourist branches and directly depends on a clean environment? A good thing is that step by step, the nautical industry is starting to change. As environmental protection is becoming more important,  International Charter Expo – ICE started the ICE Goes Green initiative.

How the yacht charter industry got the first eco-friendly event?

ICE Goes Green started at ICE’19, by adopting new guidelines for the conservation of resources. ICE team decided that waste generation will be minimized and only recycled materials are going to be used. Every ICE expo will minimize the use of water, wood, and paper. Because of the new guidelines, ICE started to promote environmental education and the use of recycled products whenever possible.

“Our decisions will not save the planet, but every big journey starts with one small step. It is important that we sail in the right direction ̋ – Tino Prosenik, Yachtmaster Group

ICE Forest Initiative

Growing into a better future.

Planting trees for ICE participants

For each company that visited ICE’19 in Vienna, one oak tree was planted in Zagreb city, where the idea of the Expo originated. This year, after the Digital ICE’20, the same initiative continues. 

All participating companies will contribute to the fight against air pollution and oak trees will be planted in their names. Moreover, as ICE’20 is going digital, no waste will be generated for the event.

How to contribute?

Each ICE’20 participant can contribute to this initiative!

How to make the ICE Forest even bigger? By adding additional oak trees in the MyICE platform for online registration, each participant can contribute to the ICE Goes Green Initiative. As environmental protection should be on top of our list it is about the time that we start to navigate to a better future! Plant a tree and help the enviroment.

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