Digital ICE’20 entered Best Virtual Event 2020 awards

In 2020, virtual events became more important than ever. It was the only way to bring people from all over the world together. Staying connected in the yacht charter industry is one of the most important things for it to function. Because of that, ICE’20 became a digital event.

We tried to make ICE’20 the best it could be in these uncertain times, and we did. Our efforts and determination helped ICE’20 enter the Best Virtual Event 2020 awards category by the Virtual Events Institute.

The Virtual Events Institute is a platform whose mission is to inspire and educate the community to create virtual and hybrid events. It provides a place to discuss the quickly evolving topics around virtual and hybrid events. Additionally, VEI offers high-level summits, market insights, community networking, certification training and awards.

Why is ICE’20 an entrant for Best Virtual Event 2020?

The use of technologies needed for successful digital events was what enabled ICE’20’s nomination. The layout of digital booths and halls exactly represented those from the physical event in Vienna. This is what awaits you at ICE’21 too! See demo

Our partners had their own booths with TV’s and virtual brochure racks where business representatives could download all needed materials and brochures. Moreover, personalized 2D real-life looking avatars greeted visitors as well! Screen-sharing was also possible during video one-on-one meetings, so our partners could have the best experience. 

Handshake, our matchmaking software gave ICE participants the possibility to prearrange meetings with other businesses. As a result, they used their time in the most efficient way. All the pre-arranged meetings in Handshake were connected with the ICE’20 digital platform. Each meeting at ICE’20 started automatically, and ended automatically after 30 minutes. It was very user friendly as representatives only needed to accept the meetings for them to start. 

Several premium suppliers had the chance to present their products or services to all ICE participants during 30-minute presentations. There were a few dedicated time slots when no one could have meetings and were invited to join the presentations and take part in Q&A.

Together we connected more than 300 participants from more than 35 countries. All of the used technologies await you this Spring too, so go to our official website and register for an even better digital ICE’21!