Handshake software is made for the participants of ICE in order to allow them arranging meetings in advance and to have better time management. Organizing meetings in advance allows participants to get to know with whom, when and were they are going to meet. Read information and tips that we have prepared for you and be ready for ICE’22!

1. Check the list of already registered participants

Explore the registered companies and decide who you want to meet with. Once Handshake opens, send them a meeting request before sending meeting requests to others. That way your chances of getting a meeting with them are higher as they still have many available meeting slots. As new companies register, they will also appear in Handshake – so check your Handshake account on a daily basis. To make this easier, we recommend you bookmark your account on your devices.


2. When Handshake opens fill in your profile properly

This includes personal and company profile. Fill in your bio, position in the company, photo and contact info. Do not forget to upload your logo of your company in the company profile section. It will help other businesses find you when filtering and searching for you. You will be more visible.

3. There are two ways to arrange meetings

First, choose the time slot you want to have your meeting. Click on the time slot and then Handshake shows you available business representatives available at that specific time slot. Alternatively, you can choose the business representative you want to meet with by clicking on the orange plus sign at the bottom right corner of your screen. The software then shows you the free time slots you both have in common, so you can set up a meeting then. Check out the guidelines to familiarize yourself with both ways.


4. Meetings last 30 minutes

Each meeting is 30 minutes long. Use this time efficiently, prepare the questions you need in advance to make sure you get everything you need from your meeting. It will be easy for you to forget the time and have a longer meeting, but keep in mind that your next meeting is waiting for you. Try to keep your meetings strictly to schedule, and use lunch, coffee breaks, dinner and parties to mingle more with the people you need more time with. 


5. Accounts open


The minimum number of profiles for a participating company is one, however we suggest you to open an account for each of your business representatives to be more efficient. Note that each participant can have up to 18 meetings per day. That is 54 meeting per person in all three expo days!