Everything you need to know about ICE

The International Charter Expo – ICE was created more than a decade ago, as a place in which the owners/operators/central agents would meet with the brokers once a year.

ICE is the only place in the world where yacht charter professionals can meet each other on a global scale, without the distraction of yachts and clients. They meet to make new connections, to open new collaborations, to forge new partnerships and sometimes, friendships. Over 2,000 professionals, from over 50 countries, representing almost the entire global yacht charter market, are going to meet in Amsterdam from 13th to 15th November 2024.

ICE has changed locations every couple of years in order to ensure its international, even global character. With every move it has created a larger following. Amsterdam, the travel hub, the proverbial center of the world, is going to host a global network of central agents and retail brokers in the business setting of EXPO Greater Amsterdam.

With the help of a matchmaking app, over 20,000 meetings are going to be pre-arranged before the actual event. Every CEO, every fleet or charter manager, every broker, is going to be able to find and contact just the one individual or company he/she needs to meet.

ICE has been consistently growing, mainly because it is the most productive and cost-effective B2B yacht charter event on the planet.