ICE'18 | 2nd - 4th November 2018 | Arena Zagreb

Special Terms For Graphic Package

General information

Graphic packages on ICE include DISPA boards for all booth walls plus info desk (if the info desk is ordered or included in package).

Price of DISPA board materials is €25 + VAT per square meter.
DISPA material boards, printing and delivery to the expo and montage are included in the price. Design of the DISPA boards should be done by each exhibitor, according the the guidlines below.

DISPA board materials are 100% environmentally friendly and are made up of 100% cellulose fiber (paper). 


When sending us your DISPA board designs, please send complete print files in these obligatory requirements

– Dimensions 1:1
– Bleed&crops 3mm on dimensions without cutting marks and lines
– PDF file
– Resolutions depending on dimension, min of 150 dpi, max 250 dpi. 
– Note: each group of DISPA boards assembled together make one design 

If you carry your own banners and promo materials

– the organizer is not in charge for a montage of your banners and promo material
– delivery of your banners and promo material is not in our competence
– after the expo, all banners and promo materials left behind will be recycled or disposed
– all 3rd party companies in charge for your banners and promo material must be announced to the organizer in advance or they won’t be able to enter the expo area
– all action regarding your own banners must be announced to and approved by Mr. Branko Grižić –

To order a graphic package it is necessary to provide final graphical design (complete print files) before September 15th 2018.

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