ICE'18 | 2nd - 4th November 2018 | Arena Zagreb

Sales Experts on ICE’16

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Velimir Srića: Digital or dead: The impact of information technology and values on Yacht Charter Industry
We are going to address the omnipresent dilemma: Go digital or die! What happens with the charter industry in times of the digital transformation? How to turn mobile communications, cloud computing, big data, and social networks into sources of competitive advantage? We are also going to discuss a few cases and best practices and try to learn by analogy.

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Professor of management at the University of Zagreb[/speaker][/one_fourth]
[three_fourth_last]Velimir Srića is professor of management at the University of Zagreb, and former visiting professor at UCLA in Los Angeles and Renmin University in Beijing. He is also a distinguished consultant in leadership, innovation and digital transformation. Even though he is a World Bank expert on change management, a member of the European Academy of Sciences, the author of 64 books and more than 500 articles in scientific and popular magazines. He is a simple guy, crazy about information technology.[/three_fourth_last]

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Asja Lajtman: Added Value vs. Discounts – a Needed Revolution in Yacht  Charter Sales
She will speak about the subtle dimensions of sale, which involve not only high levels of quality service and the skills to recognise and meet the clients needs, but in today business world how to create added value and exceed their expectations.

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[three_fourth_last]Asja Lajtman Bosilj is a business consultant and certified trainer with 20 years experience in sales, management ,recruitment and training. She is the CEO and owner of Avus Ltd., a registered company specialising in business services and education. Her greatest strengths and expertise are in the field of moderation, encouraging employers and employees to work together to resolve issues, increase productivity and to encourage and develop constructive solutions to achieve goals.[/three_fourth_last]

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Matej Sakoman: How to build top quality service – It should always be caviar
Today’s market is increasingly demanding and companies need to strive for excellent service in order to survive in this competitive marketplace and become a leader and a partner to their clients. The success of your business depends on your teams’ ability to deliver superior service and impress your clients – every time! Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge, many businesses leave their chance of success up to chance, not truly understanding the reasons for their success or failure. In this seminar you will learn what you need to know about laying the foundations for great service; which needs to be a main task of all teams within a company.
During this seminar we will discuss the main principles of delivering superior service.

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[three_fourth_last]Master and professor of psychology Matej Sakoman is an expert in the area of human resources and CEO of the company RESISTO d.o.o. His main career focus is mental health preservation and employee motivation. As an expert in the area of coaching, leadership and soft skills development, in the recent years, along with work on various research and HR projects, he has held over 150 trainings for employees and the management of variousrenowned companies. He currently acts as HR manager in Poliklinika Bagatin. He clients include Erste Bank, Hypo Bank, Diners, L’Oreal, Alkaloid, Argentum, HŽ Cargo, ZAKS, ZagrebačkaPivovara, RE/MAX and TISAK.[/three_fourth_last]