Top 10 reasons why participate in ICE’20


More and more upcoming yacht shows are called or postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. As it is impossible to organize an event that brings together more than 1500 people from more than 5 continents, the ICE’20 team decided to organize the first digital B2B event in the yacht-charter industry!

International Charter Expo – ICE’20 will start online on the 26th of November 2020 and will last for 3 whole days. Although no personal contact and the usual networking will be possible, ICE spirit won’t be lost! ICE team is preparing a lot of surprises for the participants of the first digital B2B expo with the aim to keep the positive and stimulating environment for the yacht charter companies. 

As this year is very challenging for the whole industry, now, more then ever, we must stay connected. So why connect at Digital ICE?

1. Save money

This year, ICE participants will get 80% of the value for 20% of the cost! You will not have to spend money on accommodation or plane tickets. Also, since ICE’20 is digital, exhibitors will pay only for the upload of their graphics. There are no additional costs such as graphics print and transport, booth furniture, or decoration.

2. Stay safe

In 2020 every form of social engagement that includes a large number of participants is not recommended. As your safety comes first, ICE’20 will be digital. In that way, you will be able to have a lot of meetings and meet international brokers, fleet operators, and suppliers from the comfort of your home. 🙂 

3. Save time

Time is money, therefore ICE’20 is an opportunity to take! No time-wasting on traveling or planning. Prearrange meetings via Handshake matchmaking software and meet the whole yacht charter industry in 3 days. Relax and attend ICE’20 from the comfort of your home or office. 

4. Meet new business partners 

ICE’20 will be more accessible and affordable than ever, meaning fleet operators, brokers, and suppliers who have never been to International Charter Expo before, will participate this year! Take this opportunity and connect with new business partners from all over the world.

6. Arrange 72 meetings in 3 days

A new and improved business event matchmaking software – Handshake will allow you to prearrange meetings at ICE. When digital expo starts you will be able to see the agenda with all the meetings that you have arranged.

7. Combine business with education

Keep up with new trends! Digital Conference is a great opportunity to combine business meetings with education! Register for ICE Conference and listen to the best online speakers talking about the news in the yacht-charter industry, latest trends in marketing and sales, and other industry-specific topics.

8. Have a tree planted in your name

For 450 companies that participated at ICE’19 Vienna, the ICE team planted 450 trees in Zagreb, Croatia. This year, ICE Forest initiative continues which means that all participating companies will contribute to the fight against air pollution with trees planted in their names.

9. Engage 

Use live chat, video calls, conference streams, and downloadable resources such as notes from all scheduled meetings! All you need is to have a tablet or laptop and you are ready for arranging meetings from your home or office! You can simply login on your computer and have access to a large number of companies that you can contact via video call or chat. Fleet operators,  brokers, and suppliers are just one click away!

10. Get a discount for ICE’21

Every ICE’20 exhibitor will get a discount for ICE’21 booths. Discount will be applicable to all booth types.

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Meeting Efficiency: Stop wasting your time.

Handshake matchmaking software

Arranging meetings with more than 1500 people seem impossible. However, Handshake matchmaking software will make it real for all participants of the first digital B2B event in the yacht charter industry. It is a proven way of making time more efficient. No time-wasting on planning, scheduling, making invites, and organizing notes.

International Charter Expo (ICE’20) will have 30,000 meeting slots and 400 meeting rooms. That means 72 meetings per person will be possible via matchmaking software in only 3 days of the digital expo.

How one person can have 72 meetings in 3 days of expo?

Handshake matchmaking software has all the key contacts from the yacht charter industry. Evey broker (travel or charter agency, charter broker, tour operator, and sailing school or club) will be able to visit digital booths and have meetings in digital meeting rooms with international fleet operators and suppliers of goods and services like booking systems or insurance companies.

Every person at ICE’20 can choose a time slot for the meeting and search the people with whom they would like to meet. The handshake search engine allows searching by sector (fleet operators, suppliers, brokers) or by country making arranging meetings faster. It is easy and intuitive so the process of pre-arranging meetings is very simple. All you need is to have a tablet or laptop and you are ready for arranging meetings from the comfort of your home. 

One month before ICE, every participant is notified by email that the Handshake account is ready for arranging meetings. Then, meeting slots will start to fill up and new business partnerships will begin.

Engage with your business partners

ICE’20 participants can use video calls, share screens, and download notes after the meetings. When the meeting is about to start, a person will automatically be placed in front of the digital booth of the business partner who sends the meeting invitation.

Self-promotion via Handshake profile

A good first impression is vital! Handshake profile is just Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Your profile photo and company information can be the breaking point for someone who is searching for a new reliable business partner.

This is why the ICE team always recommends uploading a photo of you. Make your profile more visible by entering the main info about the company (web address and short description) as well as the contact info (phone number and email address).

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See you this November at the first digital B2B expo in the yacht charter industry!

Let’s grow into a better future!

ICE goes green

Did you know that the yacht charter industry is one of the fastest-growing tourist branches and directly depends on a clean environment? A good thing is that step by step, the nautical industry is starting to change. As environmental protection is becoming more important,  International Charter Expo – ICE started the ICE Goes Green initiative.

How the yacht charter industry got the first eco-friendly event?

ICE Goes Green started at ICE’19, by adopting new guidelines for the conservation of resources. ICE team decided that waste generation will be minimized and only recycled materials are going to be used. Every ICE expo will minimize the use of water, wood, and paper. Because of the new guidelines, ICE started to promote environmental education and the use of recycled products whenever possible.

“Our decisions will not save the planet, but every big journey starts with one small step. It is important that we sail in the right direction ̋ – Tino Prosenik, Yachtmaster Group

ICE Forest Initiative

Growing into a better future.

Planting trees for ICE participants

For each company that visited ICE’19 in Vienna, one oak tree was planted in Zagreb city, where the idea of the Expo originated. This year, after the Digital ICE’20, the same initiative continues. 

All participating companies will contribute to the fight against air pollution and oak trees will be planted in their names. Moreover, as ICE’20 is going digital, no waste will be generated for the event.

How to contribute?

Each ICE’20 participant can contribute to this initiative!

How to make the ICE Forest even bigger? By adding additional oak trees in the MyICE platform for online registration, each participant can contribute to the ICE Goes Green Initiative. As environmental protection should be on top of our list it is about the time that we start to navigate to a better future! Plant a tree and help the enviroment.

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