Meet new fleet operators from Croatia joining ICE’21

meet new Croatian fleet operators

In the second part of presenting new fleet operators at ICE’21, we are presenting businesses from Croatia, Austria and Slovenia. Their main destination is the Croatian coast, but they have boats in different countries too. Join them at making new business deals before summer season 2021.

The full list of participants is available here.


Zantium Travel

Zantium offers ten different cruise ships with spacious decks, jacuzzis, fully equipped rooms etc. Your clients can choose between Luxury and Deluxe models. Zantium enables your clients to explore magical Croatian top destinations: Dubrovnik, Split and National Park Krka and a number of islands around these areas.

“The only thing that’s better than spending your vacation on an island? Spending it on a dozen different islands”.

Destina Boat Excursions

This family-owned company has three boats in their fleet, each with a rich (hi)story. Your clients can visit National Parks Kornati and Telašćica and National Park Krka. Destina also offers personally tailored island hopping excursions. This includes the islands of Šibenik archipelago with a lot of free time and many historic attractions. If your clients want to celebrate important life events on the sea (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc.) Destina is the right choice.

“The adventure of travelling with us rests on the authenticity, and the experiences we offer that you will remember forever”.

Amy Group 

AMY Yachting is located in the high class Yacht Club “Marina Baotić” near by Split and offers: Full Yacht Charter, Yacht Management, Yacht Maintenance, Yacht Sales, and Services through the AMY Owner’s and Guests Club. They provide a variety of products and services for guests and brokers/agencies to boost the business in uncertain times.

“Safety, Coverage , Flexibility and a bunch of instant and future benefits are a small decision away”.

Touch Adriatic

Touch Adriatic offers a selection of motor and luxury yachts, catamarans and sailing boats. Three 7-day charter tours include visits to Croatia’s numerous islands and islets (Brač, Hvar, Mljet Vis, Šolta, Pag, NP Kornati), along with towns like Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar etc. Your clients can taste the adventure with kayaking, rock climbing, hiking etc. They can cruise along the Adriatic coast and learn about world famous heritage sights and wonders or simply enjoy beautiful and peaceful Croatian nature.

“Pure freedom and flexibility incorporated into each day while cruising trought the remarkable beauty of the Adriatic Sea. Wild coast, secluded bays, rural escapes, highest peaks, eno-gastro tastes… leave it to us to make your dream come true!”


Oryx Yachting

Oryx is based in Rogoznica, Croatia. Their offices can be found in Vienna and Munich. As of summer 2021 they offer charters in Croatia and Turkey. Oryx’s fleet includes 9 yachts and 2 catamarans in bases in Turkish Marmaris and Fethiye and in Rogoznica.

“From your first booking contact with us to your journey to the base, an unforgettably beautiful sailing trip to the delivery of your yacht at the end of your trip – our service promise is that of a “unique customer journey” and thus hopefully reason for you, as a satisfied customer, to spend your best time of the year on board one of our yachts again in the future”.



Company Goolets is specialized in luxury gulet charters in Croatia. They are a Central Agency for 6 gulet type crewed ships, with prices ranging from 7,000 € / week and up to 25,000 € / week. Besides that, they are an expert on all other gulet type ships in Croatia, Turkey, Greece & Italy and can provide you with full sales and customer support in any gulet charter related inquires.

“Everything we do at Goolets is with the company mantra “Life is Good” always on our minds. It is a simple formula that always brings results to our clients, yacht owners, and employees in the company”.

Now that you know who awaits you at ICE’21, are you ready to join us next week?

Register today because registrations for brokers end 25th April

New fleet operators from Greece and Italy joining ICE’21

new fleet operators from greece and italy

As brokers, you are probably constantly looking for new destinations your clients can explore and experience. That’s why we prepared a review of what the new fleet operators at ICE’21 present you.
Here is the first part of the new ones with fleet operators from Greece and Italy.

The full list of participants is available here.


The Greek coast is one of the most beautiful coasts in the world. It doesn’t surprise us that many of new ICE’21 fleet operators come from there. Each of them offers a unique experience for your clients so we recommend you explore each new company, and see what you can get from them.

Eversails Yachting

Their catamarans and monohulls sail the waters of the Saronic Gulf, the Cyclades, Ionian islands and the Dodecanese islands. Their goal is an effortless and worry-free vacation for all your clients. Eversails team is proud of their customer service excellence, they will make sure the cruises run seamlessly.


Their bases are on the islands of Lefkas, Corfu, Volos, Skiathos, Alonissos and Skopelos. Aquatrotters combine the new perspectives of yachting with experience in tourism and yachting industry. Their yachts will take the clients to the magical Greek island life.

Euphoria Sailing

Euphoria Sailing’s Lagoon 42 catamaran offers a detailed experience of the Ionian islands which include Lefkas, Kefalonia, Corfu, Zakynthos and smaller islands like Ithaka and Paxos. Your clients are free to choose the routes they take and make their dream a reality.

Cavo Yachting

Catamarans, luxury and sailing yachts can be found on their website. With Cavo Yachting, the clients can explore major Greek island groups where they will be introduced to the Greek gems on the islands of Santorini, Zakynthos, Rhodes etc.

Sunfos Alessia Yachting

They are located in Athens and Mykonos and every summer they offer cruises around the Cycladic islands. The fleet consists of a powerboat, sailing yachts, motor-sailer yachts and a twin-Cigarette 360. The cruises range from semi-private tours to theme cruises. Clients can choose between regular and private tours to experience Mykonos, “the Island of Winds”.

White Blue Seas

Their bases are in the cities of Athens and Preveza. From there, their yachts and boats (bareboat, skippered and crewed) will take the clients on an adventure along the Greek seas. White Blue Seas want to make sure they discover Greek hospitalty.

Stavento Sailing Greece

For them, sailing is art and should be treated as such. They have three sailing yachts, one catamaran and two inflatable Zodiac-type boats. Stavento Sailing offers a selection of holidays on the Sporades islands.  These include islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, Skyros, Alonissos and towns of Volos and Agiokampos.

Thrace Yachting

They have a selection of catamarans, sailing yachts and power boats. They want everybody to experience the magic of Greek islands they know and love. Thrace Yachting boarding locations are in the best yachting areas: Athens, Corfu, Lefkas, Paros and Mykonos. From there, the crew will make sure everybody has the best possible holiday.

Sailman Yachting

They offer a variety of cruises around the coast of Halkidiki peninsula. Clients can choose between catamarans, monohull and sailing yachts. Cruises include experiencing Halkidiki sunset, regular sailing and premium day sailing cruises, even yoga and bachelor cruises! Sailman Yachting wants their clients to have the ultimate sailing experience in Greece.

More Yachting

They have their fleet of yachts based in Lefkas and Zakynthos. They offer a chance to explore the beauty of the Ionian sea. More Yachting is constantly improving and learning from their clients and their needs and wishes.

Sun Yachting Greece

They have bareboat, crewed and skippered sailing and motor yachts, catamarans, motor sailers. They have been sailing for more than 40 years so they can offer proven sailing routes along the longest Mediterranean coastline. Sun Yachting Greece’s routes include Saronic, Argonic and Eastern Peloponnese, the Cyclades, the Ionian sea, the Dodecanese and Northern Sporades.

Vastardis Yachting

They want clients to spend safe, unforgettable holidays with them. Their sailing locations include Argosaronic Gulf, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Ionian islands and the Sporades. They have eight yachts and catamarans and clients can choose what type of boat suits them the most.

Octopus Yachting

They offer bareboat and skippered chartering in the Greeks seas. Octopus Yachting’s sailing areas include the Cyclades, Ionian sea and the Saronic Gulf. Their fleet consists of 11 yachts and monohulls. The team offers 24/7 support to the clients and guarantees the perfect condition of the yachts.


After Greece, Italy is probably the most beautiful Mediterranean country there is. There are two new fleet operators joining us this year at ICE’21 from Italy.

Parallelo 38 Charter

They offer sailing and yachting around the volcanic Aeolian islands. There are seven islands clients will get to know: Vulcano, Lipari, Panarea, Salino, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi. Some of these islands even still have active volcanoes! Additionally, tours can include islands of Egadi islands, Pelogie, Ustica, Malta, Tropea and Taormina. Parallelo 38 Charter’s fleet consists of Dufour yachts and Fountaine-Pajot catamarans.

Turistica Il Gabbiano

Their mission is for their clients to experience and live the essence of yachting on magical Italians islands. They offer cruises to the island of Sicilia as well as Aeolian and Egadi islands. Their fleet is made of different yachts, catamarans and smart line.

This is the first of two blogs on new ICE’21 fleet operators. Be sure to find out who is joining us from Croatia, Slovenia and Austria soon!

Register today because registrations for brokers end 25th April!

Get ready for ICE’21 with Handshake – 5 tips for the best experience

use handshake more efficiently

ICE’21 is almost here and that means Handshake is about to open and be ready for you to use.
We prepared a list of tips so you can use the full potential of Handshake and get to most out of it.

1. Check the list of already registered participants

Explore the registered companies and decide who you want to meet with. Once Handshake opens, send them a meeting request before sending meeting requests to others. That way your chances of getting a meeting with them are higher as they still have many available meeting slots. As new companies register, they will also appear in Handshake – so check your Handshake account on a daily basis. To make this easier, we recommend you bookmark your account on your devices.

2. When Handshake opens fill in your profile properly

This includes personal and company profile. Fill in your bio, position in the company, photo and contact info. Do not forget to upload your logo of your company in the company profile section. It will help other businesses find you when filtering and searching for you. You will be more visible.

3. There are two ways to arrange meetings

First, choose the time slot you want to have a meet at. Click on the time slot and then Handshake shows you available business representatives available at that specific time slot. Alternatively, you can choose the business representative you want to meet with by clicking on the orange plus sign at the bottom right corner of your screen. The software then shows you the free time slots you both have in common, so you can set up a meeting then. Check out the guidelines to familiarize yourself with both ways. 

4. Meetings last 30 minutes

Each meeting is 30 minutes, not a minute more. Use this time efficiently, prepare the questions you need in advance to make sure you get everything you need from your meeting. During the meetings you will have a timer showing you how much time is left and the meeting will shut down.  If your meeting is over before, use this time for a quick break and grab a drink as the meetings are back-to-back, it is intense.

5. Take photos – #ICEbehindthescreen

You will have up to 54 meetings per person. After three days of meetings, you will not know what you disucussed with who and what about. We recommend you take detailed notes, and take photos of your meetings! Make your meetings fun and enjoy this online experience as much as possible. Check out some photos from last year here

Handshake opens in less than 72 hours – Registered companies will get their log-in info soon.

If you are not registered but want to meet with businesses, register before Handshake opens so that you can be visible to all when launching.

New suppliers are here to meet you and make business deals at ICE’21

new suppliers at ice'21

At ICE’21 there are many new suppliers that decided to participate. They recognized the business opportunities they get with meeting their new and old partners, as well as making new business deals.

Here are the new suppliers that are joining ICE this April.

NauSYS™ – Croatia

nausys new supplier

They are an online booking system based on a web application concept that has become one of the most relevant systems on the market. They reached a respectable number of partners worldwide. 

NauSYS™ counts around 5500 yachts from 420 fleets, and over 4800 agencies. In addition, their numbers are constantly growing each day. 

At least 50% of all agency bookings are made directly through NauSYS™ and around 1500 agencies log in daily to search the database. With low flat cost per month and no commission charged by NauSYS™, as well as a completely free of charge agency portal, their goal is to provide the best possible solution for their partners.

Charter Manager App – Slovenia

charter manager app new supplier

Make your communication with your clients even better with Charter Manager App. The app is available on computers, as well as smartphones, tables etc. and can be used by charter offices, personnel and clients.  

Keep your check in/out procedure more organized and manageable. Clients can easily use the check-in system and charter companies can track their remarks and solve issues if needed.


anosan new suppliers

New product by ecabiotec is what you need to keep your boats clean and eco-friendly. ANOSAN® Eco is a disinfectant without any toxic substances that helps you save health and time. During the disinfection there is no need for protective wear and work onboard isn’t interrupted.

ANOSAN® Aqua will keep your water germ and virus free which is extremely important in the current world situation. 1 liter of ANOSAN® Acqua purifies 1000 liters of clean drinking water and protects the environment. The use of plastic waste is reduced as you can drink water from the tanks – no need to buy many water bottles!

Atlantis Global Management Information Systems – Turkey

Atlantis Global Management Information Systems new suppliers

ATLANTIS Global Management Information Systems is a company that specializes and related software projects and systems for yachting business, boats for all categories and for all uses, marina’s and all about maritime tourism. Our brands and products are:

Fleet Operation Management Control System, Best business ERP – CRM Software platform for manage fleets. Booking portal offering online and real time worldwide booking engine for yachts. is online marketplace B2C & B2B for second hand boats for sale. is an open portal to find all available berthing places and to make online reservations for boat owners and managers.

Ditas Consulting – Croatia

ditas consulting new suppliers

The need for digitalization in the yachting industry has become apparent with the COVID-19 pandemic shaking the world. Ditas Consulting helps you analyze and improve your marketing situation in order to get new clients. Ditas Consulting uses their knowledge of the tourism sector and combines it with the newest IT technologies to help you create new opportunities in sales and marketing.

Charter Itinerary – Switzerland

charter itinerary new suppliers

Make creative, premium itineraries for you clients and give them the best experience with you company. Itineraries can be created in minutes and include destination photos and descriptions, interactive maps, points of interest etc. Charter Itinerary will be launched mid-May. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to meet with Charter Itinerary team.

Viewhoo Yacht Manuals – Austria 

viewhoo viewing solutions new suppliers

  Viewhoo Yacht Manuals offer you and your clients the ability to make 3D manuals of your boats and other spaces you want to showcase. You can add photos, text, videos and you can add info points wherever you desire. You can choose small, medium or large packages and there are only three steps to receive your 3D Manual.

To see a list of all participants at ICE’21 click here.

Why you should participate at digital ICE’21?


ICE’21 is closer every day and there are plenty of reasons why you should participate (save money & time, participate from the comfort of your home/office…). If you are still not sure whether you should register for the only major international yacht charter event this spring, we are giving you some reasons to do so!

Find out the latest news for your CLIENTS – keep them informed

It is important to keep your clients and partners updated. For example, fleet operators in Croatia are getting a Stay Safe in Croatia label of safety this summer. Do you know what this means? Greece is planning to open their borders to tourists on the 14th of May. What if this does not happen, what happens to your client’s bookings? That’s why you should participate at ICE’21, to find out the latest information from your partners!

Find out the latest news for your BUSINESS – keep yourself informed

Don’t forget that you will be able to watch several 30-minute product/service presentations from our Premium partners and join their Q&A. You will hear everything you need to know from booking systems, insurance companies, online platforms etc.

Handshake, our matchmaking software is getting better working hours

Last year you could have meetings via Handshake from 8:00 CET to 20:00 CET during working days and weekend. At ICE’21 you can have meetings from 8:00 CET to 17:00 CET, and it is held during the week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

Loyalty discount for the next ICE

If you take part at ICE’21 in April, you will get a loyalty discount for the next ICE. It doesn’t matter if it will be held digitally or physically and if you are a visitor or exhibitor. Don’t miss this opportunity to secure this big discount later in the year. This year returning exhibitors and visitors get 50% discount for ICE’21. 

New charter agencies, suppliers & booking system

At ICE’20 there were more than 200 participating companies and 112 booths. This year, that number will be even bigger with new companies coming to present themselves. The list of new companies which are registered for ICE’21 will be published soon.

Check out the video from Croatia’s TV show Novi Milenij about ICE’20 and see how ICE’21 will look like. Also, have a read of the Icebreaker article about ICE’20. This might help you make your decision too!

Digital ICE’20 entered Best Virtual Event 2020 awards

In 2020, virtual events became more important than ever. It was the only way to bring people from all over the world together. Staying connected in the yacht charter industry is one of the most important things for it to function. Because of that, ICE’20 became a digital event.

We tried to make ICE’20 the best it could be in these uncertain times, and we did. Our efforts and determination helped ICE’20 enter the Best Virtual Event 2020 awards category by the Virtual Events Institute.

The Virtual Events Institute is a platform whose mission is to inspire and educate the community to create virtual and hybrid events. It provides a place to discuss the quickly evolving topics around virtual and hybrid events. Additionally, VEI offers high-level summits, market insights, community networking, certification training and awards.

Why is ICE’20 an entrant for Best Virtual Event 2020?

The use of technologies needed for successful digital events was what enabled ICE’20’s nomination. The layout of digital booths and halls exactly represented those from the physical event in Vienna. This is what awaits you at ICE’21 too! See demo

Our partners had their own booths with TV’s and virtual brochure racks where business representatives could download all needed materials and brochures. Moreover, personalized 2D real-life looking avatars greeted visitors as well! Screen-sharing was also possible during video one-on-one meetings, so our partners could have the best experience. 

Handshake, our matchmaking software gave ICE participants the possibility to prearrange meetings with other businesses. As a result, they used their time in the most efficient way. All the pre-arranged meetings in Handshake were connected with the ICE’20 digital platform. Each meeting at ICE’20 started automatically, and ended automatically after 30 minutes. It was very user friendly as representatives only needed to accept the meetings for them to start. 

Several premium suppliers had the chance to present their products or services to all ICE participants during 30-minute presentations. There were a few dedicated time slots when no one could have meetings and were invited to join the presentations and take part in Q&A.

Together we connected more than 300 participants from more than 35 countries. All of the used technologies await you this Spring too, so go to our official website and register for an even better digital ICE’21!

Why ICE went digital?

Hall 1 ICE'20

When the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the world, the yachting industry was put on hold as well. Businesses could not meet; boat shows were cancelled one after the other, and the future was uncertain. That is why ICE, the biggest B2B yacht charter expo in the world went digital.  It was the only logical and safe solution. ICE’20 digital was well accepted, as more than 300 business representatives from more than 35 countries took part. Many ICE partners requested a new digital event in April, just before the season begins.

Of course, the success of digital ICE’20 was not guaranteed, and people had their doubts as it was something completely new and unknown. However, doing our best to connect fleet operators, suppliers, and brokers from all over the world, our team made it work. Our partners were very happy with the overall event and the meetings they had. 

“This is not the first year we have been participating in ICE, but for the first time in an online format. I would like to say that the effectiveness of the negotiations was almost the same as ICE’19 in Vienna. This is incredibly interesting and useful for our business. Thank you for bringing us together and making our communication better. It is very important for us to feel that we are not alone in this field and there are hundreds of great companies that are going through this difficult year with us and making the yacht charter industry even better!” – Max Terbov, Sea Radar, Estonia

Great digital experience by ICE! The event was a success, and it gave us the opportunity to meet industry professionals and attend interesting presentations, in an efficient way. Our company will definitely attend again!” – Andreas Georgatsos, Cavo Yachting, Greece

See what ICE’20 looked like from our partners’ perspectives

What did ICE’20 look like?

ICE’20 featured seven halls with 112 digital booths where businesses could present themselves and visit other businesses and new partners. Demo of the halls can be seen here. Digital booths looked like real-life booths, with TVs, brochure racks for e-brochures, and 2D avatars. With this set-up and possibility to prearrange meetings with the Handshake matchmaking software, time was used more efficiently. Without the hassle of travelling and booking accommodation, businesses save both time and money. As a bonus, they hold meetings from the comfort of their home or office.

Being able to meet with my present and potential partners without traveling to a different continent saves a lot of time and effort while delivering the same results”. – Silvia Vlakancic, Anchor & Wine, U.S.A

We had some technical issues which happened the first day of the expo, after worldwide Amazon Web Services crashed for a few hours, and ICE team was on full support helping businesses manage to connect with other solutions. This year technical issues will be non-existent, as servers will also be backed up.

Apart from 30-minute B2B meetings, several premium suppliers had the opportunity to present their products/services to all ICE participants during 30-minute presentations. No one could have meetings during these time slots, and many businesses who attended the presentations were very active in the Q&A. Businesses needed to discuss some topics as well and give their opinions. 

ice'20 statistics

At ICE’20 there were more than 300 participants, from more than 35 countries, who held more than 3,500 meetings. We hope we will see you again this year in an even bigger number, so we can connect the yachting industry digitally once again before summer begins.

This year we turned the impossible into the possible! Tatjana, Adria 4 Deluxe, Germany

Want to meet with new and old business partners? Register here.


Business in the yacht charter industry left without boat shows

Cancelled boat shows blog

Why boat shows are a must

Boat shows around the world have been cancelled for almost a year now. The largest and most important boat shows in the yacht charter industry such as Boot Dusseldorf, Austrian Boat Show in Tulln, Cannes Festival and many more have all been cancelled. As a result, businesses in the yacht charter industry had no physical place to meet in person. Meeting with business partners is crucial for the success of yacht charters, brokers, agencies, shipyards, and other suppliers.  Everyone knows that going to boat shows is a must. Introducing your new brand, presenting products and services, meeting old partners and new ones, learning about the novelties for the upcoming season and in general networking with the whole industry.

What do businesses lose without boat shows?

Not only do businesses in the yacht charter industry meet, they also make very important purchases and client bookings. The Multihull Boat Show in Le Grande Motte, France, is important for those who are keen to order the first slots of a new catamaran model and those who build their multihull fleets. At Boot Dusseldorf charters can see and walk-through new boats and purchase the newest models for their fleet. The Austrian Boat Show is the perfect place for charters to make direct bookings with Austrian guests. Businesses in the yacht charter industry are now in huge losses as one of their main channels of communication and sales is closed – no one knows for how long.

What awaits yacht charters and agencies?

All these boat shows together make up for more than 30 days per year where businesses could have met: a grand total of more than 4000 exhibitors and 450,000 visitors from over 100 countries. In these uncertain times, every piece of new information, each new business partner and booking is more important than ever. It is uncertain of how the charter season 2021 will unfold. Early bookings which were a very big and important part of yacht charter and agency bookings are still very rare today. Everyone is waiting to see what will happen. If borders do open during the summer, we can expect many last-minute bookings with very high discounts. Completely opposite of how all other charter seasons were until know. Will the majority of yacht charters, agencies and brokers in the yacht charter industry survive, we can only wait and see.

Virtual Avatars – How to add personal touch on digital Expo?

Do you want to see yourself in a virtual world? Virtual event platforms with avatars give us the opportunity to be in a real-life situation and exploring different experiences during the digital expo. Avatars have become more interesting by professionals who use that kind of extras in different virtual business events or meetings. They can give you realistic professional environment during the event.

What is a virtual avatar?

A virtual avatar is a graphic image that represents a person in a virtual world, and it’s becoming increasingly more common to use online avatars to recreate real situations in business meetings.

Meet with Premium Plus suppliers at digital expo – ICE’20

At ICE’20 you will be able to meet with everyone digitally and still have a personal touch with future partners. When you come to the digital booth you will see what they offer and the avatar that is standing next to the info desk.  Premium Plus suppliers already made digital booths with avatars and they are waiting to meet you. 

What is International Charter Expo?

International Charter Expo every year connects fleet operators, brokers and suppliers across the globe. During three days of expo participants will be able to have up to 72 meetings with future business partners.

Check full list of participants here.

Meet yacht charter suppliers in a different way

webinar online presentation

This November, the biggest booking systems such as MMK Booking Manager from Croatia and YachtSys from Germany, shipyards from Italy, Germany, and Poland, as well as one software company from Cyprus will present their services in a new and interesting way to yacht charters from all over the world. So how will they do that? They will present their products through a 30-minute webinar slot to all companies from all around the globe.

Present your company in a B2B environment

Webinar or web seminar is a live online conference or presentation. They are generally interactive, with participants getting information, asking questions, and discussing in real-time.

Many companies use webinars as a way to connect with new business partners, demonstrate expertise, and build brand authority. Generally, webinars work best for B2B companies who want to share their expertise.

Communication is the key

Communication is one of the most challenging aspects of dealing with international partners. The challenge is even bigger when partner companies use different languages. That is why ICE participants will be able to communicate with shipyards and booking systems by asking questions after online presentations.

Who will present at ICE’20?

MMK SYSTEMS – BOOKING MANAGER SYSTEM is the world’s leading software and online booking solution for charter fleets and agencies. If you want to know the numbers – MMK has 3,000 active agents, around 350 agency websites that offer online booking through MMK where they have 720 charter fleets and over 9,000 vessels.

As a yacht charter company or a broker agency you can also meet with YACHTSYS – the online reservation system and booking manager software for boat charter companies. With this supplier, Charter Brokers (agencies) and Fleet Managers (providers) can administrate boat rentals in a responsive web app from smartphones. Their goal is to boost your online sales with mobile optimized charter widgets or the Yacht Charter Data API with data of 5,000 yachts.

Delphia Yachts is the largest builder of sailing yachts in Poland. In 2018 they become a member of the Beneteau Group, focuses more on the production of motor yachts. The production volume is approx. 174 of sailing boats and over 689 motorboats a year. Delphia cooperates with brands such as Beneteau, Jeanneau, Fourwinns, Glastron, JBoats, le Boat.

BAVARIA YACHTS is one of the most modern manufacturers of sailing yachts, motorboats, and catamarans worldwide.  Four production lines, each 125 meters long, a carpenter’s workshop where the entirety of the yacht is constructed, two halls to manufacture hulls and decks, are accommodated on a large surface measuring 200,000 square meters. At ICE’20 they will talk about „Challenges in Boat Design for Charter Yachts“.

BoatPilot is a solution for charter companies is based on the BoatGod module, which is a full-fledged yachting computer. It allows to collect, process, analyze, and deliver data from the boat system, both through the NMEA interface and additional sensors.

Master Yachting is a partner for new and used Yachts, Yacht Investment as well as Yacht Charter. With more than 300 sold Lagoon catamarans, Master Yachting is Europe’s most successful Lagoon-Distributor since 2015 and the largest Lagoon dealer worldwide since 2019. They also represent Beneteau Sail and Beneteau Motor, Monte Carlo, Aquila Power Catamarans, and Frauscher Boote. At ICE’20 you can listen to their webinar on the topic “Overview of Yacht Market”.

What is International Charter Expo?

International Charter Expo every year connects more than 300 participants across the globe. During three days of expo fleet operators, brokers and suppliers will be able to have up to 72 meetings with future business partners.

Check full list of participants here.

Start your registration and join us at ICE’20!