Better travel connections towards the heart of Europe – Vienna

Driving range distance

ICE being moved to Vienna will surely benefit all the companies which plan to visit the world’s  biggest charter expo that are in driving range to Vienna. Companies that are in driving range distance will save their money on flight tickets therefore making their visit to ICE even more affordable and effective. Here’s a list of the biggest cities in a max 5 hour driving range from Vienna:

Budapest 2h 28m – 243 km

Bratislava 58m – 78 km

Brno 1h 46 m – 135 km

Prague 3h 48m – 333 km

Munchen 4h 33m – 435 km

Graz 2h 14m – 200 km

Ljubljana 3h 51m – 384 km

Salzburg 3h 8 m – 295 km

Moreover, driving distance from 4 to 6 hours to Vienna is more than doable and affordable to companies from these cities and surrounding areas:

Krakow 4h 54m – 463 km

Nurnberg 5h 31m – 504 km

Munchen 4h 33m – 435 km

Better flight connections with Vienna

Vienna Airport is one of the biggest and most connected airports in Europe offering direct flights from nearly every important airport in Europe and worldwide. Better flight connections means a quicker arrival, no connecting flights and definitely cheaper fares.  

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