All sailing lovers should experience sailing the Greek Islands at least once in their lives.
With all its authentic local attractions, diverse coastline, amazing gastronomy, pleasant warm climate, and breathtaking views, Greece is justifiably among the top charter destinations in the world.
Since every charter destination brings different experience, every client appreciates useful advises in order to prepare for his sailing vacation.

We prepared 5 advises useful while preparing sailing vacation in Greece. Charter brokers already know all those things for sure but it is always good to remind yourself and provide an exceptional service to your clients.

  1. While creating an itinerary, pay attention to boat speed and make sure you are aware of the distances between places. Sailing 4 hours per day is optimal, so leave some time for swimming and visiting local attractions.
  2. Choose your starting and ending point depending on locations and places you would like to visit. Greece has so many islands worth visiting. One charter week is not even close enough to see all the beauties of the Greek coastline.
  3. Do not forget to keep checking the weather forecast. Greece is associated with beautiful weather for most of the year, but still, you need to be careful when it comes to winds. Remember motoring into the wind is not so pleasant!
  4. Pay attention while approaching marinas and ports. Not all Greek ports are perfectly organized and have adequate infrastructure. Be sure you gather all information in advance and prepare your yacht for anchoring before entering port.
  5. While sailing in Greek waters, be aware of the sea depth, especially if you are planning to spend the night in a bay. Secure your yacht after anchoring in order to prevent any unwanted situation.

Help your clients get the most out of Greek experience; it is what great charter brokers do!